We are proud to say that EXPANDET was the company who invented the first plastic wall plug in 1949 ensuring powerful fastening with a small and affordable product! Today we still produce the famous wall plugs at our facility in Denmark.

Best plug ever!

Of course introducing an industry defining product triggered the competition and soon the first copies appeared in the market. However the competitive products were nowhere near comparable to the original Expandet Wallplug. What makes the Expandet Wallplug stand out is the soft but very tough material used in combination with a smart design ensuring a high pullout strength and most importantly allowing for instant grip. 

Features and Benefits

• 3 fins along the entire length to support the grip prior to expansion even in low density materials
• Closed circular design ensures the screw is always centered
• Unique material ensures controlled and instant expansion giving it high performance even in challenging base materials
• Load capacity up to 500 kg

Easy Fixing 

With the Expandet Rosett the installation of heavy objects like kitchen cabinets, radiators and shelving systems on drywall is a breeze. The Rosett is the first nylon product that utilizes the principle of deforming by creating  knot or Rosett on the back of the board/drywall in order to achieve higher load capacities. The Rosett has been produced since the 1970's in our own production facility in Denmark and consists of two different materials which are molded together and give the product its strength and niqueness. The high quality nylon ensures flexibility and combined with the fiberglass reinforced threaded tip provides the strength which is needed to absorb high loads. In addition the Rosett plug  follows the contours of the wall and maintains its holding power across the whole surface of the created knot.

The Rosett is available in 3 lengths and color coded:


Features and Benefits

• Easy installation
• 2-in-1 plug and screw
• Designed for heavy loads
• Dos not damage the base material
• Maintains holding power across the surface of the created knot 

The Rosett is known as a drywall anchor but functions well in most materials especially hollow brick, chipboard and other board types.


One seater airplane fixed with Expandet Rosett. (±1970) 

Read the complete Building Solution about PIONEER IN WALLPLUG in the file below!