Mezzanine Flooring,
38mm Chipboard
2mm Light gauge steel

What are Mezzanine floors?

Mezzanine flooring systems use a combination of heavy and light gauge steel with a 38mm chipboard fastened to the light steel supports. The new DuraSpin ExTPro meets the current demands of the market for an easy system for floor fastening jobs. The product can be used in an upright position preventing back damage. By using the ExTPro working with mezzanine floorings will be a breeze combining the benefit of significant cost and time savings.


Mezzanine International Group have developed a new system that incorporates a corrugated steel subfloor with 22mm high density ply board. They have recently purchased a DuraSpin driver and with the SENCO wood to heavy steel screws (42GS41MC) for this very system. 

SENCO has the perfect solution!

The need for fast and efficient solutions is also important in mezzanine flooring. By using the DuraSpin ExTPro you can save time and costs! Find out more about our DuraSpin ExTPro and other attachements on

Read the Application Solution in pdf by clicking on the image below!