When you have a look at the Expandet catalogue you’ll find a myriad of anchors and plugs. Some of them can just be used for one specific application while others are universally applicable. Expandet operates in more than 40 countries, a fact, that influenced the range we offer and made it possible to have products that are niche in one country and serve multiple applications in another.

Multi Façade Anchors 

MFA – Multi Façade Anchor – is as the name suggests a nylon anchor very well suited for lightweight facade systems. The MFA is used to fix the substructure to wall using the countersink version to fasten wood directly to the surface and the flange head type for systems using steel brackets. The MFA have an ETA that gives the user assurance of a certified product when  using it for safety related applications like a lightweight façade system.


MFA can be used in a huge range of other applications like door- & window frames, roof and ceiling frames, cable trays, square timber frames kitchen and wall cabinets.

Why multiple? Because it is designed to work in several materials like concrete, cracked concrete, solid bricks, hollow bricks and aerated concrete. In all materials the same setting depth of 65 mm is applicable making it easy and safe for the installer The MFA is used to fix the substructure to wall using the countersink version to fasten wood directly to the surface and the flange head type for systems using steel brackets.


The EXG II is the second generation of the Expandet Throughbolts for through fixing EXG II has a very high load capacity which makes it a first choice for high-load applications in non-cracked concrete. Most typical are steel constructions like guard rails, façades, gates, cable trays, machines, consoles, ladders and staircases. The ETA includes 2 setting depths which allows the user to optimize the installation making the EXG II a very cost efficient choice.



The C-Colt is part of our constantly developing range of concrete bolts developed for fast, easy and reliable high load fixing in concrete and other solid materials. The small “anchor to drill diameter ratio” together with availability up to 3 setting depths makes the C-Bolt a very competitive choice for almost any application. The C-Bolt is a safe choice for safety related installations like suspended ceilings and handrails because of its fire resistance defined in the ETA. The expansion free installation allows for small edge distance and axial gap making it ideal for installation of guard rails, cable trays, metal sheet profiles, shelving, pallet racks and basically any kind of base plate application. The easy and complete removal of the anchor is perfectly suitable for temporary installations.

Chemical mortar

The ESI Xtreme Pro is a high performance vinylester with an extremely wide range in applications due to its very high load capacities and many approvals and certifications. ESI Xtreme Pro is expansion free and can be used with small edge distance and axial gap. The ESP Pro is a polyester or modified epoxy acrylate with ETA certification in non-cracked concrete and brickwork. The ESP Pro is a cost efficient choice that solves many of the day to day needs required for a high end injection mortar. The ESP Pro is offered in a 300 ml. cartridges for easy use together with a normal silicon gun. Injection Mortars can be used for almost any application in the industry due to its high load capacity and its optimal combination with threaded rods. 
Typical applications are Steelwork constructions, Timber constructions, Guard rails, Façades, Staircases, Steel brackets ,Machines, Masts, Canopies, Gates, Consoles, Pipelines, Industrial robots, Brickwork support systems, Balustrades, Rebar (post installed and “as anchor”), Highway and Road Noise Reduction Barriers & Crash Barriers. 
Read the complete Building Solution about ETA Approved Anchors in the file below!